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Negotiating With Creditors

If you are struggling to make your credit card payments or to pay off other debts, it may be time to start negotiating with creditors in order to avoid bankruptcy proceedings. You need to be prepared though, as they are used to people requesting some sort of concessions in negotiations and very good at avoiding…

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3 Business Trends for 2015

The new year brings new opportunities for existing business owners and brand new entrepreneurs. Our team has looked carefully at the emerging trends in business ownership and financing, and we can confidently say 2015 will be an exciting year. Consider these three business trends as you look forward to 2015: 1. The franchise industry will…

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5 Best Credit Repair Tips

If you’re coming out of bankruptcy, foreclosure or simply don’t have a very good credit score, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to boost your score. Some are pretty intuitive while others may not come to mind right away. Below, however, are the five best tips. Don’t Be Afraid to…

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