Los Angeles, California


Joseph Keating

Good Morning! Just wanted to give you a quick update on our phenomenal success. So far we’ve received, or have been approved for $79,000.00 in personal lines of credit! Our goal is $100k, so we are almost there!! After we hit our goal on the personal side of the credit profile, we are then going…

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Ron Ellis

I like that you are helping me improve my credit, I do think the price is a little high but it’s worth doing it for my future. Hopefully I can see a better score next month.  I mean you did take me from 585 across all 3 bureaus to 740 in 45 days but I was…

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Todd Graham

Taylor Perez helped me get the financing I needed to expand my company with very little paperwork on my part. I found out about the Taylor Perez through my associate, who’s opinion I trust very much. It worked out well and I’m happy with the results. Taylor Perez has been so helpful and supportive through the whole…

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