Taylor Perez offers alternative business funding , credit restoration, credit enhancement, and  business set up consultation services. Which means no matter what you need to establish yourself and or your business we got you covered. Having someone that understands credit procedures and what it takes to acquire and maintain high scores is invaluable. Knowing what lenders will fund you based on your current situation is a Godsend.  Realizing that everything will be and is done right the first time, is priceless.  We understand that getting to where you want to be may at times be confusing, frustrating, and and time consuming and having someone to help you navigate through everything is essential.

Having bad credit comes at a high cost. Not being able to qualify for a loan could cost you your dream home, and being given high interest rates could cost you thousands of dollars. Approximately 79% of all credit reports contain errors and aren’t verifiable. If they can’t prove it, they must remove it! Their inability to document and support their reporting results in deletions that will raise your credit score! Don’t let your bad credit cause you to lose out on have what you want, begin the credit restoration process today!

Not knowing what lenders are looking for and which one to use could result in turn downs. We specialize in establishing and facilitating relationships between our experienced alternative small business capital providers and small business owners. With Taylor perez you are more than a client you are our partner, someone that we make sure has what they need to accomplish their goals and participate in ventures we may have.  The more people that have access to credit and funding the larger our network can grow and the more opportunities are available to us all.

Taylor Perez can take care of everything to get your business established and get you on the road to using your business credit. We can arrange everything from setting up your business website and 800 number to securing your aged corporation. We want you to realize the benefits and power of using your credit to generate cash. We work with expert system analysts which are technology experts who dedicate their extraordinary skills to your business and thus will help you build your business website, which suits your business needs in professional and efficient manner. You will have a professionally designed site that will provide you with the online presence your company will need to secure funds.  Having an online presence is as much of a necessity as having your business phone number. Don’t skimp when it comes to website it is one of the first things underwriting will look at and carries a lot of weight as to your legitimacy.

You can even use your credit to make money every month once you are established. Think of us as a financial matchmaker. Many people out there are looking to improve their credit scores, and there are only a few ways to do this. We offer one – we’re a credit restoration consulting company helping boost our credit beneficiaries’ credit scores by “matchmaking” them with people who have great credit. Our program is a safe and secure way to add credit beneficiaries as authorized users (AU) on credit cards with good payment history, allowing them to “piggyback” or get good credit by association. If you have good credit and qualify for our program, this is where you come in! When you add someone as an authorized user on a credit card that’s in good standing, the payment history of the credit card appears on the authorized user’s credit file, essentially increasing their score. They don’t have to use it (and in our program they do not – they don’t even know who you are!) but it makes a huge difference and you make money.

If you are looking to clean or establish your credit then you want to speak with us and see what we can offer you. Our business model can take you from scratch and create a creditworthy individual with a business ready to be funded in under 6 months, or sooner if you have a stable financial profile.  Whatever you need, whenever you need it we are here to get you to where you want to be.